1and1 Website

1and1 Website

With so many choices and options on how to build your website these days, it’s now hard to decide where to go and what to choose. There are many things to consider like the reliability of the services and the cost of them. Before you go crazy in spending hours and hours just to find the right one for you, let me give you a great choice in creating and hosting your site. I’m talking about 1and1 website. When it comes to price and quality, 1and1 is a great choice. Let’s talk about its features in more details…

Great Features

Great Domain Name Registration

You can register a domain name at 1and1. You can choose from the common extensions as well as the top level new ones. You can even transfer a domain from another provider. Furthermore, you can register a private domain and do a “Who is domain lookup.”
1and1 Website
Easy-to-use Website Builder

You can easily create your website through 1and1. They now offer WordPress installation as WordPress is now the most common content management system used by web developers.

Reliable and Efficient Web Hosting

1and1 provides fast and reliable hosting options. You can choose from MyWebsite (good for small business sites), Web Hosting (reliable and efficient hosting), WordPress Hosting (Professional WordPress hosting), and Performance Hosting (flexible performance for your requirements). Don’t know what to choose? Don’t worry. You can ask advice from 1and1 WordPress community. Special – All 1&1 Unlimited Hosting Packages 1st month is $0.99!

High Performance Servers

With reliable servers such as Basic Server (high performance server with maximum security), New Cloud Server (high performance cloud servers with full cost control), Virtual Private Server (cost-effective and convenient VPS solution), and Dedicated Server (high performance server with Full Root access), you can always have a choice depending on your site’s needs.

Professional E-Mail and Office

You can create business emails using two options inside 1and1 – 1and1 Mail using webmail or Microsoft Exchange with Outlook web app at 1and1.

Ecommerse Site Builder

If you are building an online store, you can quickly create one using 1and1 Ecommerse Website Builder.
Get Found


You can easily be found on the internet through 1and1 wesite List Local and Search Engine Marketing features.

As you can see, 1and1 and filled with great features that you can take advantage in creating your site. Best of all, they are offering a 30-day free trial, so you can test all their services before even spending your money. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try 1and1 website now!

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